Physical distribution Peatfoam

Physical Properties of PEATFOAM

PeatFoam Growing medium

The physical properties of the agricultural substrates are of transcendental importance, since these – unlike some chemical properties can hardly be modified once established the culture. According to Pérez et. to the. (1989), a suitable substrate must absorb and store a sufficient amount of water, be easily penetrable by the roots and furthermore not be so moist or so dry, nor so dense (impermeable). In addition, it should be light, available, and inexpensive (Calderón, 2003).

Because of the above, information related to the analysis of the physical characteristics of Peatfoam, Growing Medium, is provided below.

Esquema distribución peatfoam

Graph based on laboratory results * made in Peatfoam.

Fuente: Groen Agro Control
Fuente: Groen Agro Control

Source: Groen Agro Control

This analysis concluded that the high volume of reserve water presented at Peatfoam favors the generative plant growth.

Measurement of percentage of water retention

Basado en resultados tomados en condiciones de invernadero

Graph based on results taken under greenhouse conditions.

X axis: Hours

                                                                        Y-axis: Retention rate


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